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Claire Cartmell

Ceud Mi`le Fa`ilte!

We are Claire Cartmell & Ian Donnachie, Elise Cartmell and Rob & Lachlan Horsfield. We are involved in our Cusidh Scottish Deerhounds and/or in the Cusidh Cantrips on-line company. We're going to tell you first about our name, then about our products, and lastly about our dogs, including our hound rescue.

dsc00091_small.jpgCu [coo] - hound; sith [shee] fairy. These dogs are from Celtic mythology, particularly associated with the Hebrides, arousing fear because of their appearance and association with the fairy race and also because when they barked three times it was seen as a portent of things to come. Cupples in his Scotch Deer-hounds and Their Masters [1894] refers to the fact that ‘second sight was believed to be possessed by the hounds [i.e. The Scotch Deer- hounds] themselves'.

The name Cusidh Cantrips connects the dogs and our products with magic and mischief. These products grew out of our own Scottish Deerhounds and the Greyhounds and Lurchers of our rescue, St. Hubert's Hound Sanctuary, St. Hubert being the patron saint of hunting.

27.jpgOur products, many of which are exclusive to us, fall into a number of sections including: a superb range of cards and prints featuring Scottish Deerhounds, Greyhounds and Lurchers; a wide range of gifts from tea towels to ornaments; and products for the most important customers, the hounds themselves, such as our ever popular coats and collars.

We're sure you'll find something of interest so to order please have a look here on-line. You can order on-line or you can also contact us by email/telephone to place an order as we are always pleased to hear from you.

We thought you might also be interested in our Scottish Deerhound line so we've added an account of our Cusidhs but, unfortunately, none of them have to date predicted forthcoming wins at the shows!